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Rowing Machine – Features That You Need To Look Before Buying

Rowing machines are great fitness equipment that are becoming very popular. There are numerous benefits of using them and they provide you with a total body workout which most of us are looking for. Those who are using rowing machine regularly knows that this machine stimulate and strengthen not only muscles and bones, but also heart and lungs. This is why many doctor recommend to use rowing machine for those who have cardiovascular problems.

Various forms of rowing machines have been popular pieces of commercial and private gym equipment for a few decades now.  They work out more muscles than stationary exercise bikes.  In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, most exercise bikes were equipped with moving handlebars to work the arms and upper chest in a rowing motion while the legs worked the pedals as usual.  This jerked the body about too uncomfortably.  Rowing machines give you a whole body workout but do it comfortably.

Choosing the best rowing machine in 2018

A good rowing machine for home use depends on a variety of factors. A particular indoor rower may the top choice for one person, but not great for someone else. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the best rowing machine of 2018.


If money is not an issue, than the top choices would be the Concept 2 Rower or the WaterRower. The Concept2 is well built equipment and is used in health clubs, rehabilitation clinics, and rowing competitions and the Water Rower is constructed to simulate outdoor rowing. For those with a limited budget, hydraulic rowers from Stamina or Kettler are suitable.

Sound Concerns

Air rowers (such as the concept 2) can produce a lot of sound because of the movement of the air flywheel. Depending on the model of rowing machine, it can be very difficult to carry a conversation because of the noise! If you have a baby in the house and you exercise while they’re sleeping, the noise from an air rower can wake them up. Magnetic resistance rowers, such as the ones made by Tunturi, are ideal in this situation because magnetic rowing machines are virtually silent.

Types of rowing machine

rowing machine in UKThere are basically four types of rowing machine available on the market today and they are:

  1. Magnetic resistance indoor rower
  2. Hydraulic rowing machine
  3. Air resistance rowing machine
  4. Water rowing machine

Water rowing machine

The Water Rower rowing machine is unsurpassed in terms of design refinement. Its patented WaterFlywheel design emulates rowing like no machine before it. The “Water Rower” rowing machine is a gorgeous looking and effective exercise equipment. The WaterRower is designed to simulate the movements of a row boat. For those who have used waterrower and compared it to outdoor rowing, the similarities are uncanny.

The WaterRower uses a patented flywheel that resembles the movements of a boat moving down a river. And just like outdoor rowing, the harder you row, the more resistance you’ll receive. There are a variety of different models of WaterRower machines, each with a different frame. Even though the various models of water rowers appear different, these indoor rowers function the same.

The  rowing machine is ideal for those who participate in outdoor rowing. Unlike traditional rowers, there is no drag and no water like outdoor rowing. However, for those who have used it for exercise, the feeling is nearly identical to outdoor rowing. The Water Rower’s unique patented Water Flywheel has been designed to emulate the dynamics of a boat moving through water. Just like rowing outdoors, the WaterRower flywheel receives its resistance by overcome the effects of drag as water moves past the tank.

This rowing machine is constructed with a wooden frame. This makes this rowing machine one of the most attractive models available, and the mechanical vibrations (common to other indoor rowers) are dampened. There is also a commercial version of the Water Rower sporting a metal frame. Another model of water based rowing machine is the First Degree Fitness Fluid Rowing Machine.


• Simulates outdoor rowing based on many reviews of water rower by outdoor rowers
• Attractive wooden from
• Virtually silent when exercising. All you hear is the swishing of the water


• Among the most expensive rowing machines for home use available

Before you lay down any money to buy a rowing machine, tell your doctor about your plan just to be sure that you are physically able to use a rowing machine.  Don’t expect to get the hang of a rowing machine right away – they need some getting used to.  You need some instruction with your machine.  Either try out one at a fitness shop, at a friend’s or a health club if you are a member of one.  If you can’t do that, then be sure the rowing machine comes with detailed instructions.  Some even come with instructional DVDs or videos.

Whether you prefer to shop in real world stores or online, always be sure your potential store has an understandable return and refund policy.  Be sure about any shipping or delivery charges before you buy.  The average rowing machine weights about 70 lbs, so the shipping charges will be considerable because of the weight.  If you buy online, be sure the online store has an understandable Privacy Policy and a customer service email or phone number that actually works.  Do comparison shopping and have fun.

Benefits Of Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are good for all ages except very small children or heavily pregnant women because they are easier on the joints than most other pieces of home fitness equipment.  And, you can row (or scull) as fast or as slow as you like and still get a good workout.  Since they are popular, there are many varieties, brands and styles to choose from.  They are considered standard pieces of equipment in professional gyms or health clubs, but a decent one can usually be purchased for about $500.  And they are very compact, so don’t take up a lot of storage space when not in use.  Some people like to roll them under their beds.

How to use rowing machine

Like any other fitness machine, you need to learn how to use rowing machine properly for greater benefit. Using a rowing machine requires some skill and technique and you need to spend some time to master it. For those who have never used rowing machine, they may feel rowing motion unnatural and also difficult to learn. It is important that you first learn how to use it properly with some expert do that you will experience benefits from the exercise and also reduce the chances of injuries.


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