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Great home made remedies for warts

Home remedies for warts are targeted at ensuring that warts do not spread through contact and also that their removal is lasting and not painful. For ages the most common treatment of warts has only been through home remedies for warts as warts themselves are caused by a virus that is still very poorly understood by scientific research. The human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the cause of warts and there is no actual known treatment for the virus. The virus is also easily spread as it takes only a mere opening in the skin and contact with the wart for it to spread. Therefore, one of the tasks of home remedies for warts is also ensuring that the spread of warts is contained.

Before one takes steps towards treating warts, it is important to take a few preliminary measures to see if the warts would cure themselves. Waiting for the warts to cure themselves is a common precursor to home remedies for warts and waiting can be effective as well. If not, one can also stick a duct tape on the wart. The duct tape should be just big enough to cover your wart. Keep it on for 5 to 6 days; then remove the tape and rub it with pumice stone. If your wart does not come off, then repeat the procedure. This has been shown to be very effective in the removal of warts, and perhaps even more so than the conventional medical treatment of using liquid nitrogen to this effect.

If it still persists, then home remedies for warts are in order. Through the process it must be ensured that the wart is not touched without sufficient reason for it to be touched. Precautionary measures to be taken besides touching include sterilization with the use of over the counter medication such as salicylic acid and also salt. Ensure that the area is not damp as this breeds infection and also cover up any cuts that you sustain.

The most common and most effective among the home remedies for warts is the use of garlic in the treatment of warts. Garlic has several natural compounds which react with the wart and result in its treatment. Similar treatments include the use of common products such as baking soda and salt. The wart is also susceptible to temperature and this can be useful in home remedies for warts by soaking it in hot water. However, the water must be handled carefully. Many common household products can be used in the treatment of warts such as lemon juice and onions. It is noticeable that the effects of such products vary for everyone and thus home remedies for warts is ultimately a matter of personal choice and experimentation.

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